Tuesday, 21 January 2014

top tips ~ fizzi~jayne's top tips for time management....

I was ill last week and it has been a busy week catching up on my schedule which made me think about how we cope being the designer, maker, logistics, accounts and being the everyone & everything of our business and what do we do when we are sick? What about making time for holidays as well as finding time for ourselves, friends and family?  How do we fit it all in! 

Most of the time I try and plan as much as possible, but best laid plans and all that.  So here are my top tips on how I try to keep myself sane....

  • Lists ~ I love a list! I plan for the week and I have my top 3 tasks for each day. How I prioritise....
  1. Urgent and important tasks ~ Must do first
  2. Not urgent but important tasks ~ by focussing on these tasks they don't become urgent, reducing last minute panics!
  3. Neither urgent nor important ~ Do I really need to do it?
    I also have a colourful spreadsheet with a top line plan for the year, with key events plotted. This should avoid any last minute panics and if I am taken ill again I hope to be organised enough that it doesn't effect my business.
    What I need to remember is that plans need to be flexible

  • Procrastination! I am terrible for this ~ My tricks are to have my phone on silent so I am not distracted by calls, email or social media alerts. If computer work is not on the list for the day, I do not switch it on as I will end up on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and the next thing 2 hours have passed.  If you are a chronic procrastinator you may find this article useful.

  • Ask for help! ~ Do you have friends or family that can help during busy times?  My hubby has helped me post out orders (under supervision of course!) when times have been busy. 

  • Have a break ~ make time for lunch each day and note to self, remember to leave the house for fresh air

  • Quality of time not quantity ~  whether it is time spent in the Craft Den or with friends make it quality time.  Just because I take ages over an email or a piece of work does not make it time well spent.  I tend to tinker which is not efficient of my time. Plan time with family and friends and leave electronic devices off!

I am certainly not an expert and I certainly don't always take my own advice but when I do it seems to help me keep focussed and achieve my goals.

What works for you?  Do you have any tips to share?


  1. Oh I am a terrible procrastinator - and Pinterest really doesn't help!! Lists are a great way to get stuff done and it always feels very satisfying to tick things off the list :-)

    1. O I love Pinterest! I convince myself it's research. Sometimes I write a list with a task I have already done just so I can cross it off, makes me feel better if I have a lot to do :-)

  2. Ugh the P word... Yes I admit I am terrible for procrastinating! I use tomato timer (google it!) Its set for 25 mins, so you focus on one task until the timer goes off then you either have a 5 min break or move on to another task. Its really worked for me =) x

    1. O, a tomato timer good idea! I can reward myself with chocolate every 25 mins, although that won't do my diet any good ;-)

  3. I'm a bit silly, I spend so long making really fancy lists that I think I've then done everything, and forget to do anything. I find scrappy Post-It notes left around the house where I'll see them works better!

    1. I love a list and planning! I used to use post it notes too but I sometimes lost them :-( so I use a pin board now which is next to my desk. I hope you'll join the #CraftBlogClub chat tonight :-)


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