Wednesday 12 November 2014

Christmas Card String and Peg Tutorial....

I'm so excited to be taking part in Laura's Crafty Christmas Tutorial Link Up today! If you haven't checked out Bugs and Fishes definitely pop by where you'll also find the links for lots more Christmas crafty tutorials.

But first, today I am sharing a free tutorial for a way to show off your Christmas cards in your home.

What I used:

  • The templates provided below
  • Felt, in Christmassy colours
  • Spray starch
  • Wooden pegs
  • Baker's twine / Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Chalk / pencil
  • Glue - You can use fabric glue but I used Silicone glue - Pinflair Glue Gel.  It bonds anything to anything (in my opinion, I'm yet to find something it can't stick together!). Whatever glue you choose to use, you need something strong enough to bond the felt to the pegs and embellishments.
  • Embellishments of your choice - I used gems, bows and ribbons from my crafty stash

How to make your Christmas Card String with Pegs....

1. First off prepare the felt. In order for them to be more stiff, spray starch liberally on both sides and leave them to dry flat overnight, ideally on a radiator. 

2. Print off and cut out these templates I have drawn for you.
To print templates click on image or click here
3. Draw around the templates on the felt using chalk or a pencil. I prefer chalk as any marks can be brushed off but it's difficult to see on white felt.

4. Cut out the shapes

There isn't a right or wrong side to the template so if you can see pencil marks just flip the felt shape over.

5. Embellishing the felt pieces

For the Stockings

Using cream or white felt you can add a trim.  The guidelines are on the template.

Use glue to bond the trim to the stocking. Hold in place for a few seconds to make sure the glue grabs.

You can decorate your stocking with anything you find in your crafty supplies or craft store.

When using ribbon, glue the ends at the back and wrap around, like so...

I also decorated my stockings with bows and gems found in my crafty stash

I also found this Pom Pom ribbon, perfect!

Candy Canes

To make the candy canes, you will need ribbon.  I cut the canes out of cream felt and used red satin ribbon.

Glue at one end, wrap around the cane and glue the other end.

Top tip 1 - I use a cocktail stick to add glue so not to add too much
Top tip 2 -Use the peg to keep the one end in place


For the holly I simply cut out green felt with the template and added a button for a berry. You could add red gems or small pom poms or use embroidery thread to create French knots.

6. Now, attach your felt pieces to the pegs by adding glue to the top half of the peg.

7. You can now hang your baker's twine or ribbon on to the wall.  If you don't want to leave permanent marks on your wall I recommend Command Decorating Clips with Clear Strips. I use them for my fairy lights on my mantle piece, they hold really well and come off your wall easily without leaving marks.

Glittery Pegs

For added glitz, why not add glitter?....

As well as Glitter you will need a good PVA, I use Cosmic Shimmer Specialist Acrylic Glue for so many of my crafty projects.  It dries clear and holds brilliantly which will prevent shedding of the glitter. Although I can't guarantee there won't be any glitter shedding, using a good glue along with the following steps will help keep most of it on your peg.

Place the peg on copier paper and cover the peg with the PVA glue

Liberally pour glitter over the peg

Tap off the excess and leave to dry, ideally overnight.  Once dry lightly dust with a soft brush to remove any more excess.

The glitter left on the copier paper can be poured back in the pot.

You can leave them like this or add felt decorations, or have a mix of the two on the string/ribbon.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.  If you make yourself a Christmas card string with pegs I would love to see the photos!  

This tutorial is for non-commercial use only. You can use it to make as many card strings for yourself, gifts or to raise funds for a charity but please don't make any to sell for profit.

If you want to blog about this project, remember to credit me and link back to this page on my blog. Please ask permission before using my photography and please do not reproduce my entire tutorial or share my templates on your site.  Thank you

Please note, the Amazon links are affiliate links which means if you purchase anything I earn a few pennies (and I mean pennies!) to support my work on this blog. I only recommend products I use myself.


  1. So pretty!! makes me wish more people sent me christmas cards!

    1. Thank you Cara :-) I did think that it could be used to hang Christmas decorations as well, especially in a small space. Any excuse to make the house more festive!

  2. I like this !!!!
    thank you for sharing, xxxxx Ale

    1. Thank you :-) it was fun to do, I'm pleased you like it. Thank you for popping by to read my tutorial x

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  4. Share some more amazing DIY tutorial for Christmas and New year cards with old stuff and also the list of things you will used in cards.
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