Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Book Review ~ Girl With a Sewing Machine By Jenniffer Taylor

Girl With A Sewing Machine by Jenniffer Taylor Book Review

I was so excited when I received Jenniffer's debut book, Girl With A Sewing Machine.  If you do not recognise the name let me tell you a little bit about Jenniffer....  Her sewing journey started with her wedding dress, yep she began with a small project?!?! This created a love affair with sewing and thanks to her hubby secretly applying she was a contestant on the Great British Sewing Bee. Now you can find her on the Sewing Quarter channel, teaching workshops and creating a #sewingrevolution! #CraftBlogClub has also had the privilege of her being a guest host and taking part in the upcycling challenge.

The cover says it's a no-fuss guide and that's what I love about this book the most, the get stuck in and sew!  Being a self taught seamstress there is no jargon with a no nonsense approach.

The book is great for beginners, it takes you through what essential kit you need and it goes through fabric terms and seam finishes, so lots of information to get you started.

Jenniffer is known for her upcyling, so there are lots of upcycling projects, craft projects and embellishment ideas to customise clothing.  These are fun projects for anyone looking for inspiration but if you don't feel confident in sewing these projects are a great way to dip your toe in and build up your skills before making garments.

When it comes to making clothes there are no patterns with the book instead Jenniffer shows you how to make clothes from scratch using the garments you already own and using your basic body measurements.  There are photos to show you exactly where to measure, which is helpful as not everyone knows where there true waist is. 

How to take accurate body measurements

There are some great projects that are different to what you'd see in most dressmaking books, so if you like Jenniffer's style you'll love these projects.  The whole book has easy step by step instructions with great photos and top tips throughout.

You will learn lots of different skills including construction techniques, drafting a pattern direct to fabric, machine and sewing techniques as well as changing necklines, sewing pockets, using garments to draft a pattern, altering patterns, basic fitting techniques and draping techniques. I think I've captured everything! 

I think it's a great book for beginners and anyone who is looking to improve their skills. By the end of this book you will have a greater understanding of garment construction which will unleash your creativity and the ability to create your own unique wardrobe.

Girl with a Sewing Machine is an Amazon #1 Best Seller check it out along with all the reviews over here 

I can't decide what to make first, maybe this top?....

summer top by Jenniffer Taylor

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