Wednesday 1 January 2014

I'm not ready to let go of Christmas just yet....


Did everyone have a good evening of celebrations?  What did everyone get up to?
Unfortunately my NYE wasn't as planned, I was wrapped up in the duvet nursing a seasonal bug, but I will make up for it at the weekend and have some fizz then.

In my last post I promised to show you what I made for #craftblogclub Secret Santa.  So here it is....

In case you missed my last post here is a quick recap ~  #craftblogclub Secret Santa was organised by the lovely Emma, the founding member of #craftblogclub and a fellow blogger.  We were challenged with making a gift for a named recipient, I was given Icy, a writer, blogger and crafter, check out her website here.

I had a look around her blog to get ideas and thought about what I can successfully make to hopefully create something she would love.  It is quite daunting making something for someone you don't know but I decided to make a beaded snowflake which have proved to be popular this year.  To make it special I personalised it and chose a colour scheme I thought Icy would like. Hopefully this will appear on her Christmas tree every year.

Of course I sent it with a Christmas card as well

I sent the Snowflake in an organza bag

I was relieved to see it was received in time and she liked it, you can check out what she thought here as well as read about the fabulous hand knitted cowl she made for her Secret Santa.

All wrapped and ready to go.  I even made the gift tag
So we are now in 2014, who still thinks that 1994 only feels like a few years ago not 20, or is it just me? eek! I have lots of exciting plans which I can't wait to share, I hope you enjoy my journey through 2014.

What are your plans for 2014?  I would love to hear about them.  I will be sharing more about my plans in a post soon.....

Best wishes for 2014
fizzi~jayne x

P.S #craftblogclub is on twitter every Tuesday 7-8.30pm.  Join craft bloggers, lovers of craft blogs and crafters. 


  1. I loved my present and card so much! Thank you again!

  2. I am so pleased you loved them :-) Hope you had a good Christmas and Happy New Year


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