Sunday, 12 January 2014

Savvy crafting, a new me for 2014.....

In my post about my plan for 2014, one of my challenges for this year is to use up the craft supplies I have before buying any new ones.  This was inspired from reading Mary Emmens' blog about how she is not going to buy fabric for 6 months. 

As a general rule I will not be buying any new....
  • Card (I have loads of various colours and scraps to use up)
  • Stamps (I have 4 drawers full! So I should have enough for any occasion)
  • Ribbon (Love ribbon!)
  • Buttons (I have a button addiction!)
Love my ribbon box, although it doesn't hold all of my ribbon!
I have tended to buy any of the above because “I have to have it!”.  But things need to change as money is tighter this year plus I am running fizzi~jayne as a proper business now.

Firstly I need to have a stock take so I know what I actually have and then use what I have before I buy anything else. I will probably find things I have forgotten about.

However I still have a business to run, so there are exceptions:

  • If I need something for a specific order
  • If I run out of the basics, i.e. white card, glue etc. The essentials I can’t craft without.
  • I am also working on a project for one of my favourite craft suppliers, Handy Hippo, (watch this space!) so I will need supplies for this. 

Not only will there be financial benefits but it should challenge my creativity.

After 6 months I will see how I have got on and see how much therapy I will need!!  Wish me luck!

Did you make any New Year resolutions?  How are they going?


  1. I did this last year! I think I lasted until April at a fair, so hope you have more resilience than me!

    1. It is going to be tough, April is still good. I am going to have to avoid Fairs :-(


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