Tuesday 4 March 2014

#craftblogclub Challenge ~ Re-Loved....

....I Re-Love You!

Every Tuesday at 7pm #craftbloclub brings together craft bloggers, lovers of craft blogs and craft.  Emma, the founder of #craftbloclub, sets us monthly challenges to get our crafty teeth into.  You have to check out her blog and her beautiful Re-Loved project here .

February's #craftblogclub challenge is all about upcycling and bringing new life to something for the home. 

I have done something small and simple but something I wanted to do.  Everyday I sit at my desk and see this....

My pen pot is a Cheese Football tin! I don't even like them, they are my hubby's Christmas snack of choice.  It is practical but ugly.  So I turned it into this....

Much prettier!

I did this using the technique best known as Decoupage.  I've only done this once before on Christmas decorations and I loved the effect. 

I used....
Deco Mache paper
Washi tape
White Gesso paint
White Acrylic Paint
Tacky PVA Glue

How did I do it....

1. First of all I wanted to reduce the height so I could see what I have in the tin, so I measured 12cm around except for at the front where it is 11cm to give it a nice shape.

When using the Stanley knife I scored before cutting to ensure accuracy and so I was less likely to slip!  I also cut on a non slip mat, (I used my embossing mat) which meant it was easier to control and my fingers and wrists were still intact.  I sanded down any rough bits.

2. I primed the pot with white gesso paint and then painted a couple of coats of white acrylic paint to ensure the Cheesy Footballs could not be seen. If I was using thicker paper I would not necessarily need to use the acrylic paint but as Deco Mache paper is thin I needed to do this.

All prepped and ready to go

3. I used 2 different papers and cut them into random squares and rectangles.  For a different look you can just tear.

Now I am ready to Decoupage!

4. Using a brush I spread PVA glue on to the pot. I used the same brush to pick up and position each piece of paper onto the surface at random.  Each time I added more glue on top of the paper to fix it in position.

and then it looks like this....

5. Now, I could have stopped there, but that's not me I decided to get a dry brush and painted strokes of white gesso paint over the paper in random areas of the pot....

The paint gives it a distress look

I used Gesso instead of acrylic paint which is thicker and more opaque so the papers can still be seen. The trick is also not to over load the brush.

6. I could have also stopped here but then I found some Washi tape that would go perfectly with the papers so added strips and covered in PVA glue over the top to give it the same gloss finish as the rest of the pot.

7. I did varnish with Decopatch Aquapro Professional Varnish to make it water resistant and to give the colours longevity.

8. Now I really didn't need to do anymore but I love buttons so added a few small ones. So the final product looks like this....

What do you think?

I love the colours, they bring a bit of spring into my craft den and the aqua chevron is very on trend!

This is an easy and a relaxing technique, I don't know why I haven't done more of it before.  It is ideal for using up scraps of paper or fabric.

It is also addictive, I couldn't stop, I even decoupaged a draw from my craft den....

I did exactly the same except I skipped the white acrylic paint and I also used my distress inks. I inked around the edge with Mustard Yellow and Vintage Photo colours.

This drawer belongs to a set from Ikea I got a few years ago and I have been meaning to decorate them, the question is do I decorate all the draws the same or all differently??

What do you think, all the same or mix it up?

I now have the upcycling bug and looking around the house for a project, I think it will be our bedside tables next....

I will be hosting #craftblogclub on 11th March at 7pm, I hope you can pop along for a chat

fizzi~jayne  x


  1. Aw that's really nice - and I love the decoupage drawer!

    1. Thank you :-) I love your bracelet, looked fiddly but worth it!


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