Saturday, 1 March 2014

It's March already?!?!....

It only feels like yesterday I was planning my new year resolutions.  February picked up for me with orders and I am busy developing new ideas, some will go into production some will be a learning curve! 

Mother's Day Work In Progress

I found time to leave my craft den for a day and went to my first trade show at the NEC in Birmingham, back to my homeland! I am from the Midlands originally, not Brum itself but a town outside. I moved down south for work but it is always nice to be in the area and hear my midlands twang creep back.

I had a badge, proof I am a professional!!

It was interesting to go to this event and see what it was all about, I saw some small businesses who were happy to speak to little ole me but a lot of stalls for paper craft were retailer focused.  If you use fabric this is a must go as there are loads of stalls, you just have to be aware of minimum order quantities which can be based on price and/or metres.  It was useful to see the latest and up & coming trends.  It is a free event so I will go to the Autumn Craft, Hobby & Stitch International at the ExCeL, with more focus of what I want to get out of the event.

Also in Feb, I have signed up for Basic Accounts, an online course to get my head around the numbers part of the business.  This was a Groupon offer for £19 so it seemed silly not to do it.  Hopefully a day will come when I can afford an accountant! 

I feel like a proper entrepreneur now with visiting trade shows and doing accounts! I need to manage my time better to fit in more product development,maybe I should read my own post about time management!!

Before I go, did you know that March is National Craft Month?! To celebrate I will be teaching my husband paper craft and helping him to make his Mother's Day card! He has often said he isn't creative and couldn't do what I do.  He is more scientific and mathematical (which will come in use when I need help with my accounts!) but I believe that anyone can enjoy craft!

Will you do anything to celebrate National Craft Month?

fizzi~jayne  x


  1. I did not know it was national Craft Month! I aim to be crafty and that's about all I can guarantee at the moment! I also didn't know you were from the Midlands originally! I'm from the South originally and I miss it terribly! xxx

    1. I must admit I only found out it was National Craft Month on Twitter yesterday and got very excited about it! I have lived down south for about 10 years now and love it although I miss the house prices of the midlands! I don't get to go back that much now as my parents have retired to the south coast so I enjoy the opportunities it visit when I can xx


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