Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Savvy crafting 2014 update....

I started the year with plans for 2014 and I knew being a savvy crafter would be the most challenging!

To recap, the rules were....

 I will not be buying any new....
  • Card
  • Stamps
  • Ribbon
  • Buttons
The exceptions are....
  • If I need something for a specific order
  • If I run out of the basics, i.e. white card, glue etc. The essentials I can’t craft without
  • I worked on a project for one of my favourite craft suppliers, Handy Hippo which required supplies and I am working on another one....

So, how have I done so far?...

Card - I hadn't bought any new card that wasn't required for the Handy Hippo project, yeah! Until I saw some great offers last week :-( which I couldn't possibly ignore!

Stamps - I forgot about this rule oops! I may have bought some small ones *hanging my head in shame*

Ribbon - I am pleased to say I have kept to my rules and I haven't bought any *high five*

Buttons - I nearly caved in, I saw these really cute buttons and I picked them up but I put them back on the shelf!  However I have bought a mould to make my own buttons....

I am finding other crafty supplies that are not in the rules slipping into my shopping basket to feed my addiction, especially as I have started to learn crochet.  So I am not breaking the rules, instead I have found loop holes in my own rules! Not so savvy!
I have kept a track of all my costs which has been useful to see where my money has gone and because of that I am upping the ante!  I can't buy ANYTHING! (The exceptions will remain the same.)
The thought of not buying anything is making me feel sad and queasy, but needs must! I will have to comfort myself with some chocolate instead!
Are you still on track with your New Year resolutions?
 fizzi~jayne  x

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