Monday, 17 February 2014

Things I can't live without in my craft den....

I wanted to share with you what I use all the time (other than card and paper) that I can’t live without in my craft den….
  1. Guillotine ~ It has such a good slicing sound and can trim such small slithers, I am easily pleased! I used a trimmer before but I used it so much I was replacing the blades all the time, whereas this guillotine sharpens its own blade. I love it! I still use the trimmer it's not completely redundant it just has an older, stronger brother to compete with.
  2. Glue ~ I have all types of glues & tapes for different materials and uses. For a crafter this is a necessity, but when thinking about this list I could not believe how many different types of glue I have and I use them all! One thing I got for Christmas is a hot glue gun,

    I love it! It can also be used for cool effects,

    I want to use it for everything!
  3. Glass Mat ~ A practical one, I do all my work on this mat, it protects my work surface but also it works well as a paint pallet, I can use my hot glue and heat gun and it doesn't warp!
  4. Music ~ I can't work without and since working from my craft den I have been listening to a lot more of my CD collection (yes, I know CDs are so 90s) and I have a lot to choose from (approx. 300-400). Soundtrack this week has been some old school club classics from the 90s, Bon Jovi and Pink.
  5. Meet Colin....
    He is my Cuttlebug which I use for embossing and die cutting and an important part of my crafty life.  Needless to say I have a lot of embossing folders and building a collection of dies!
What can you not work or live without?

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