Monday 2 March 2015

Guest Blogger ~ Rachel Saka ~ Decoupage Techniques....

March is National Craft Month and I couldn't let it go by without doing something.  So to celebrate I have a some guests taking over my blog to share their favourite crafty tutorials/techniques.

First up is Rachel, this is her first ever blog post so I am happy she has decided to share her tutorial with us. Over to Rachel....

Hello! My name is Rachel, and I live in Leeds with my husband and our three children. Crafting has always been a passion of mine, but with three young children, time was always a constraint! However, my youngest child started primary school in September, and I can now grab some extra hours to try to turn my hobby into a success! I specialise in home decor, and this tutorial will help with the techniques used to make a wall hanging, ideal for a bedroom.

One of the big crazes at the moment is based around superheroes, and which budding little hero wouldn't want his very own personalised initial for his room?! 

To make a bold statement, I usually use a 25cm high and 12mm wide solid letter. 

Scraps of paper can be used to create the collage effect, but I prefer the thickness of a sample of wallpaper, which can be easily obtained from the local DIY store, or even online. 

For this project, you will also need scissors, Mod Podge and a good chunky paintbrush. I prefer the children's brushes which are more robust and help with the spreading of the Mod Podge.

First of all, I take the width of the letter and measure on the paper, then cut long strips that will be used to cover the outer edge. Some crafters prefer to just fold the scraps of paper over the edge, but I feel doing it this way means its less fiddly and less prone to peeling. 

Then taking the rest of the paper, go crazy with the scissors and cut out different sized pieces- there is no right or wrong here! I like to make sure I have some of the charcters' faces, but as it is a collage effect, there are no set rules.

Squirt a generous amount of Mod Podge onto your letter, but stick to one small area at a time to prevent drying. 

Place your first scrap of paper as you wish and brush over, adding more Mod Podge if needed. 
Whilst PVA glue has the same effect, and is of course cheaper, Mod Podge is stronger and less likely to peel. It will also leave a lovely finish once complete. 

Repeat the process by brushing Mod Podge into a small area and stick the pieces until covered. Make sure to use your brush in one direction as there may be small brush lines that show up in the light. 

Some crafters like to use a sponge, but I feel that a brush gives more control. Just complete one side at this stage. Make sure you check for any bubbles and these can be smoothed out with the brush. Set aside and leave it to dry for 20 minutes. The Mod Podge dries clear, so dont worry if the surface still looks white at this stage

Brush some Mod Podge around the edge of the letter, again, bit by bit, and take the long, thin strip that was cut originally and cover, smoothing out as you go.

Remember to brush over the paper as you go to ensure a good fixing. Leave to dry again for 20 minutes, and repeat the process for the reverse of the letter. 

Once dry, the letter can be sprayed with a clear sealant to leave a glossy finish, however Mod Podge is available in many finishes, so you may feel this isn't necessary.

Ta-da! Project complete! The finished letter can be displayed on a shelf if prefered, but I normally use a small picture screw ring, and hang to add some awesome super power to a bedroom wall! 

Thank you Rachel for the tips, I think this looks awesome for big kids as well as young heroes!

You can find Rachel and follow her over here....

fizzi~jayne x

Psst.... If you would like to share your craft tutorials/techniques on my blog I'd love to hear from you. Email me here with your ideas.

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