Thursday, 5 March 2015

You can find me in Homemaker magazine....

I'm giddy with excitement! One of my crochet top tips has been featured in Homemaker magazine! It's not a full article but its pretty awesome to see my name in print!

Issue 29 of Homemaker is out now in the UK.

You can find more of my crochet tips in my post here

fizzi~jayne x


  1. Congratulations! Even the little things count so having your crochet tip and a photo in the mag is great. (But why, oh, why do they show knitted cosies instead of crocheted ones? These always get mixed up.)

    1. Thanks Nadia :-)
      It was funny to see my crochet tip on a knitting pattern but as you say they do get mixed up. They have a crochet pattern on the following page for a teapot cosy which I want to make x


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