Monday, 27 October 2014

Autumn and apples....

I love this time of year, I think it might be my favourite season. I love the colours on the changing leaves of the trees, I get to wear my winter boots and dig out my jumpers Ooo and wear a scarf, my essential accessory. 

In our village every October we have an Apple Day. The local park has an orchard and after every harvest they celebrate by selling the apples along with stalls selling apple related products as well as local produce.  It's a popular local and family event but for some reason we have never been in the 6 years we have lived here! It has clashed with craft fairs or weekends away but this year we were at home and the sun was shining so a perfect day to walk down to the park with my camera.

The event takes place in the Walled Garden

I took pictures of lots of trees changing colours for colour inspiration

and there was apple cake yummy!
we walked back home along the field and these are the fields out of the back of our house

Our purchases from the Apple Day

The day inspired me to cook Apple Crumble! Crumble is my favourite and it is how I got my Girl Guides cook badge! However, I haven't cooked it for ... well probably since I did my cook badge! 

I sort of remembered how to make it so referred to two recipes and then did my own thing.

Ta dah!

and made far too much!

I was so impressed with it, (even if I do say so myself) but especially considering I am not a cook.  My hubby is the chef in the household and he said it was "the best crumble he has ever had!" it was a winner and I have plenty left! 

fizzi~jayne x

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