Tuesday, 7 October 2014

#CraftBlogClub Winter Challenge Reveal....

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It's time for the reveal! Full details of the challenge can be found here, but to summarise the theme for this challenge was Winter, which came about following a Twitter chat.  It was a very open theme allowing everyone to interpret the theme in whatever way they fancied crafting. 

So what did I do?....

Well I set a challenge for myself to make 2 items! If you follow me on Twitter you will have seen a few pics for one of them but the other is a gift for someone, The pressie I made is a blanket for a friend's new baby. The baby was due on 20th September so plenty of time to make the blanket and give it before the reveal, or so I thought!  However, my friend's baby wasn't ready to make an appearance until 5th October. (So if you are said friend please do not read any further!)

I chose a yarn based craft as I can't go by a week without hooking something and with a new baby on the way, this challenge was perfect timing to crochet a blanket!

I crocheted this blanket using a pattern from Love Crochet Magazine.  It is a giant, cute granny square using treble crochet stitch.  It took a few weeks to make but I think that is because I am a perfectionist!  I would be happily crocheting and if I saw a stitch too loose or just not right, I'd have to unravel a section and start again.

I used Sidar Snuggly DK yarn in neutral colours, pearly green (0304), lemon (0252) and Hayfield Baby Bonus DK yarn in cream (0855).

The pattern recommended a 3.5mm crochet hook, I didn't have that size, I had a choice of 3.75mm or 3mm. I did a test square with both sizes and decided to go for a tighter square by using a 3mm size crochet hook. After a while it was hurting my hand so I treated myself to a new hook and it was so much better....

These Armour Crochet Hooks are definitely my favourite, they are so comfy to work with.

I can't wait to meet the new arrival and give her my gift, I hope she likes it and it keeps her warm in the winter months.

This theme inspired me to make my second item, I want a new hat for the Winter and I found this crochet pattern for a beanie hat on Ravelry and I found this perfect yarn on holiday....

Purple and pink are my favourite colours and this yarn was in the sale, result!

I've got this far...

I'll hopefully finish it soon and I will show you when it is done.

I can't wait to see what you have created, so what are you waiting for?! The linky is live below and ready for your posts. I will keep it open for 3 weeks, so no need to panic if your post or challenge isn't ready to share yet!

If you would like to add an image and link to the Pinterest board I created for the challenge please leave your Pinterest tag in the comments below and I will add you as a pinner.

We will be revealing our creations in the chat tonight, whether it is finished or work in progress. So if you don't have a blog you can still share your lovely makes over on Twitter, don't forget to use #WinterCBC as well as the usual #CraftBlogClub.

We would also love to know what you thought of this challenge, please leave comments below or join in the Twitter chat.

Chat starts over at 7pm (GMT) tonight over on Twitter.

fizzi~jayne x

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  1. What a gorgeous baby blanket - I love the colours you have used.

    1. Thank you. I wanted to use fresh, neutral colours as we didn't know if it was going to be a boy or girl. I enjoyed making it and can't wait to give it to the new arrival :-)

  2. Love the baby blanket! The way the yarn colours are flowing in the beanie are really interesting, too! I love purple.

    1. Thank you :-) it is a crazy yarn, it goes from a deep purple to a dusky pink then to a fuschia pink! It will be interesting to see what the hat looks like when it's finished!

  3. excellent blanket, thoroughly well done! and a second project niiiice :) thanks for hosting the challenge :) I've linked my challenge up :) really well done I love that blanket! jenny x

    1. Thank you Jenny :-) and thank you for joining in the challenge. I certainly enjoyed hosting it and making the blanket. I love your neck wrap, it looks so cosy. The colour is fab, well done x

  4. As I said on Twitter, it's a gorgeous blanket!

    1. Thank you! and thank you for taking the time to leave your comment on my blog as well. The new baby has her new blanket and the parents were so surprised and loved it! :-)


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