Sunday, 6 October 2013

So I've quit the 9-5...

Eeeek!! I wasn't planning this so soon!  My full time job is too intense to be able to focus as much time on fizzi~jayne as I need to if I want to make a proper go of it as a credible business.  I only really have the weekend, I don't want to sound "o poor me",  I just reached a point where I can't do any more and grow fizzi~jayne into a proper business unless I don't sleep and I am the kind of girl that needs her 8 hours. I also want to be able to spend time with friends and family instead of feeling selfish and feeling that I have neglected them.

The final straw was when we had a restructure 4 months ago and everything I liked about my job changed and other events started pointing me towards making this decision.  I have so many ideas that I never have the time to do, so I have made the difficult life decision to quit my stressful job to be able to focus on my passion.  I will be poor but I hope to be balanced and happy. 

Great news, hey?!?

Let me introduce you to my view from my new office....

A view from my craft den.  The farmer has ploughed the field, so not as pretty as it can be but I will share pics over the seasons
What I am looking forward to:
  • I get to do what I love everyday, woo~hoo!
  • Being my own boss
  • I can dance in my office if I want to!
  • I'll have a 60 second commute
  • Having the time to network with like~minded, creative people
  • Starting all the projects I have wanted to do and test different markets
  • Going to work in my tracksuit bottoms and an old Bon Jovi T-Shirt
  • I will have an amazing view from my desk which will constantly change with the seasons and depending on what the farmer plants next.
  • Working the hours I choose
  • I won't miss the office politics
  • Now my hobby is officially a form of income (hopefully) I can read all the books I have been meaning to for ages and only get to read on holiday.
  • Most importantly feeling happier, healthier and more balanced.
I want to thank everyone who has supported me and convinced me to follow my dream, without great friends and family this would have been an impossible decision to make.

Who else is burning out?  What have you done to get balance in your life? Or are you just working every hour you physically can?  I would love to hear from you.

If I can offer any reassurance, all the hard work and stress will be worth it when the day comes that you can earn money from what you love. There comes a point when you need to decide when to get serious. There are only so many hours in the day/week/year and you will know when that is and it is a difficult decision to make. 

fizzi~jayne x


  1. Hello, found your blog through Facebook, mutual friends I suspect!
    I've just done the same thing, (quit the 9-5), to focus on my creative pursuits including writing and crafting! blog here: and :) good luck with everything, look forward to reading how it goes! :)

    1. Thank you and congratulations on quitting your 9-5 too. Exciting isn't it? although sometimes scary. I'll look forward to checking out your website :-)


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