Thursday, 24 October 2013

Berkhamsted Artisans Art & Crafts Market....

I had my first stall at the Berkhamsted Artisans Art & Crafts Market last Sunday, there were other newbies there which was nice and there was a great camaraderie feel about it. 

There wasn't much footfall, it was thunder, lightning and generally a miserable wet day (thankfully it was an indoor market, I felt for the farmer's market that was outside!).  It was the sort of day if I didn't have to leave my house I wouldn't have so I can imagine a lot of people stayed in the dry and who can blame them!  The good news is everyone was in the same boat so although sales were low, it wasn't just me.

All set up and ready to go

Me and my stall

I produced a flyer with an exclusive 10% off promo code to use in my Etsy shop so I can track how many customers have visited my shop and bought my cards since seeing my stall.  It is a shame Folksy don't do promotional codes yet, there are lots of requests on the forums so hopefully they will get this sorted soon as is a great way to track success of any kind of marketing and in this instance the craft market.

Free sweets!

I need to improve my sales technique, which is odd seeing as my career has been in marketing and most recently I spent my day writing features and benefits for toilets, yep toilets! The trouble is it is now personal and I find it hard to big myself up but the more I do it the more I will improve. One of my strengths has always been my people skills, so I need to get a grip and just talk to potential customers like I would anybody else and let my bubbly self shine!

Sales = 2 :-(
Business cards/ promo leaflet taken = lots, I lost count but I certainly am reassured that they were interested in my cards and with the promo code I can track how true this is.
New ideas for my display = 7

My next one is 17th November, with it being closer to Christmas I hope it will be more successful, plus I am working on some exciting new products and displays, watch this space....

Who else has recently had a stall at a craft fair?  Was it a success? I would love to hear about it....


  1. I have never had a huge amount of luck at craft fairs although they are great for networking with other crafters. I have also met a couple of online customers who have specifically come to see me at a craft fair which was nice.
    I love the the idea of a leaflet with an exclusive discount code! I wish Folksy would add that option to our shops too, it's a great marketing tool...

    1. Thanks Anthea. It's nice your online customers came to meet you. I will see how the next 2 I have booked in the run up to Christmas go. It maybe more of a good PR exercise to get my brand out there and hopefully receive future online sales. Hopefully Folksy will listen to the forums and sort out an option for discount codes soon....


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