Thursday, 1 October 2015

The Handmade Fair....

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Handmade Fair, you may remember I went last year and loved it so much I booked my ticket as soon as they became available.

Last year it was in the grounds of Hampton Court Palace, however this year it was across the road instead. I was a little disappointed as I am a big Tudor history geek but I caught a glimpse of the Palace and anyway, it wasn't a history day out it was a fun crafty day out!

The Super Theatre with moody dark clouds. There were showers during the day but it didn't dampen my fun.
Kirstie Allsopp is the founder of the event and Kirstie and her team have kept the crafty festival feel that I loved last year.  There are different tents for shopping, workshops, a Super Theatre and lots of yummy food stalls which made it really hard to decide what to have for lunch!

The two shopping villages were full of inspiration by talented artists and creative small businesses. There were also stalls selling craft supplies too, however there did not seem to be as many of my favourite paper and general craft stalls but still enough for me to be tempted and spend money!

The obligatory shopping haul photos....

What I enjoy most about this event is the workshops, it's a great way to try out a new craft. When I bought my ticket I booked a Grand Make workshop, Super Theatre session and a Skills workshop. There is a lot of choice over a wide range of crafts. 

Grand Make workshop - Wirework with Lucy Elisabeth

First up was a wirework workshop and I made this hanging heart which can be used as a photo holder.  I might need a bit of practice but it was easier with Lucy's tips than any attempt I have made before at home.

Lucy also had a stand in one of the shopping villages and her work is amazing.

Super Theatre -  Calligraphy with Chiara Perano

The Super Theatre sessions are hosted by Kirstie and are a chance to hear from top experts on various topics.  This year I opted to find out more about calligraphy.

Chiara taught Kirstie the art of Calligraphy whilst sharing her tips.  Kirstie said she always attends these sessions as a complete novice so we really see her learn.  The Super Theatre sessions aren't interactive workshops so I may have not had a chance to practice myself but I came away with lots of tips to practice.

I have a calligraphy set which I used to make my handwriting neater for my wedding invitations and have not touched it since.  Calligraphy is a skill I want to develop and I recently bought a book to learn more so I was pleased there was an opportunity to get some tips from Chiara.

Skills workshop - Lino Printing with Zeena Shah

I was so looking forward to this.  I missed out on it last year due to timings and there being so much to choose from. 

Cutting the lino is very therapeutic.   I tried a star design first but I may have got carried away with the cutting as it didn't look like a star by the time I finished! 

I had more success with a simple heart and made a repeat pattern for this card.

I had a lot of fun with this, so I bought a starter kit! I love stamping and I can see the potential of creating my own designs to stamp with using lino.

I had time to fit in another workshop so I opted for a papercraft one with Craft Asylum.  It may not be a new skill but I was in the mood for some papercraft and making a bird house looked like fun.

I was surprised that I managed to get this home safely I still have the template and I think I could tweak it so I could use it to put sweets and treats in as gifts for stocking fillers at Christmas.

Whilst at the fair I was so pleased I got to meet one of my #CraftBlogClub buddies, Hannah from Crafternoon Cabaret.   Hannah had a busy weekend as she was running her Crafternoon Cabaret workshops in the VIP tent over the 3 day event so it was so lovely we had a chance to meet in person and catch up over a glass of Prosecco.

After the fair, I met up with hubby so he could treat me to dinner and whilst walking to Borough Market we found the "Performer" by Adam Frank, an installation under Southwark Railway Bridge.  It's on from 5pm until 11pm everyday and as you walk under it sets off a sensor which starts an applause. The more you move the louder the applause gets.  You can watch a video of it here but here is a photo of my acting the fool....

fizzi~jayne x


  1. Looks like you had a great time at the fair! The stamping looks like it was lots of fun too :-). Hope to see you there next year! Kat xx

    1. It was a fun day out. I hope you had a good time too x

  2. Replies
    1. It was a fun day out. thank you for popping by and reading my post :)


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