Friday, 2 October 2015


When I had a fun day out of the craft den with Laura I mentioned in my post how our chat inspired this new feature for my blog, fizzi~fun~friday!

What is it?

Laura and I were chatting about how we have so many crafty ideas we want to try out. I have lots of techniques I want to learn and I want to grow my creativity so I don't get stuck in a rut, this is for my personal enjoyment as well as hopefully inspiring the range I sell.

So the plan is every other week on a Friday, I will take the day to experiment with new techniques and crafts, as well as revisiting old favourites that I always complain I never have the time to do.

On the list for fizzi~fun~friday (so far!).....
  • Lino printing - inspired by the Handmade Fair, I can't wait to use my starter kit.
  • Calligraphy - I have a set from years ago and a book to get me started.
  • Machine embroidery - I did this a lot at art college and university but I haven't done anything for years.
  • Shrink plastic jewellery - Using shrink plastic is so much fun and I have wanted to use this technique in jewellery making for a while.  Hopefully I'll make some gifts for Christmas.
  • Mixed media art - I want to start an art journal and experiment with my art materials I already have.
  • Using polymer clay to make my own embellishments
  • I want an excuse to use up my stash of paper, card, fabric and yarn.
  • Jewellery making/wirework
  • Take part in more Sunday Stampers.
When does it start?

I guess my day out at the Handmade Fair was my first, but today you will find me in the craft den making a start on my list. Whilst writing this I still hadn't decided what to do first so I will see where the mood takes me but I will be posting photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and using the hashtag #fizzifunfriday.  

I'll publish blog posts for every fizzi~fun~friday the following Friday, so I hope you will enjoy my first post next week!
Found this perfect print on Etsy here by SunshineGraphix.

fizzi~jayne x

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