Friday, 22 May 2015

May Craft Fair and why success isn't always measured in sales....

This month I have only done the one craft fair, I was back at the Little Fox Market.  It is always a friendly atmosphere and the majority of the stalls are regulars like me so it's nice to catch up and see what everyone has been making.

This time around we were in competition with a local festival and it was either going to work for us or against us.  Unfortunately it was the latter and the fair was quieter than usual but it's not all bad as the press were there from two local papers and one of them took a picture of me! I'm yet to see if I have made it into the paper or if I am on the cutting room floor.

Obviously it is always good business to make your money back but success isn't always measured in sales....
  • Being a regular at a craft fair means you can build relationships with stall holders and customers which can turn into sales at a later date.  Fairs are as much about meeting people and spreading the word as they are about selling. 
  • There are still customers who bought my products, which is such a nice feeling.
  • It's local advertising, and not just to potential customers but craft fairs are often attended by boutiques and independent gift shops looking for local talent. You don't know who might be picking up your business card!
  • Craft fairs are a great opportunity to update your mailing list and hand out cards or flyers.  Sales maybe online after your craft fair instead of on the day.
  • Being a part of a regular craft fair means when it comes to the Christmas season, shoppers will already know about the market and where to shop for their unique, handmade gifts plus my customers know where to find me.
  • Craft fairs are a great place to try out new products and get feedback on your range.
  • Some days are going to be quiet, that's just how it goes.  This craft fair is well organised and advertised and having had a good 2014 there I am remaining positive for the future dates I have booked for the rest of this year.
A view from my stall

I'm back at the Little Fox again on June 13th and you can see what other craft fairs I have booked for the rest of the year here.

Before I go meet my neighbours from this fair....
ellsey bellsey
The Soap Cabin

fizzi~jayne x

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