Tuesday, 19 May 2015

#CraftBlogClub Spring Clean Gift Swap Challenge Reveal....

It's time for another #CraftBlogClub challenge reveal!

This time the challenge was to make a gift for a fellow #CraftBlogClub-ee only using what we have in our crafty stash.  The full details of the challenge can be seen here.  We did this challenge last year and it was so popular we did it again, because that crafty stash never goes down, right?!

My swap-ee was the lovely Hannah, the talent behind Crafternoon Cabaret Club.  She really spoiled me and sent me a pretty bracelet and a lavender heart....

The bracelet will go perfectly with an outfit I have for a wedding this weekend.

Thank you so much Hannah, I love my gifts!

So what did I make Hannah?....

I haven't had a lot of time to crochet so far this year and I have a stash of yarn I wanted to get my hooks in to, so this challenge was perfect timing.

I always find the hardest part of doing these type of challenges is working out what to make. I wanted to make something that Hannah would like and I spent a LOT of time deciding what to do. I saw on her blog that she made an apron so I knew she could sew and the light-bulb moment came to make a pin cushion.  I searched on Pinterest, Ravelry and my stash of magazines for a pattern.

I attempted a couple of different patterns with various degrees of success (or rather failures), I hadn't realised how out of practice I was!  The pattern I ended up using is this one from Cherry Heart.  My first attempt was OK but being the perfectionist I am I started to fiddle with it and ended up snipping into it, oops!! It's OK because the second attempt was far better and I was happier with this version....

I added a few pins which I had that colour co-ordinated with the yarn I used.

I recently designed new postcards to send out with orders and I am so pleased with them I included two with her package.

I hope Hannah is happy with her parcel.

I can't wait to see what everyone else has made.

fizzi~jayne x


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