Saturday, 28 June 2014

Out and about meeting crafty folk....

Last week I left my craft den to meet up with some fellow bloggers and crafters.  It's easy to feel isolated when you are self-employed and working from home so it's great to meet and be inspired by like-minded people and chat about my favourite topic, craft!

First off, I went for a Crafty Cuppa with Laura from Bugs and Fishes. I follow Laura's blog and was excited when I saw she was organising these meet ups in museums, which is a great opportunity to visit some amazing buildings and see inspiring exhibits.  I also met Julie and Carina, it was a pleasure to meet such a talented bunch!

We met at the Natural History Museum.  It is a beautiful building with so much to see. However, we spent most of our time in the café, chatting about all things craft, blogging and general chit chat over tea and cake.

Julie and Carina told me about a blog they run with Nicole - &Stitches. Their blog is all about stitching and focusses on embroidery.  I'm in awe of the talents showcased on the blog! The &Stitches team have organised picnics in Hyde Park, I am gutted I can't make the dates but I hope they are successful so they do more.  If you want to stitch in the park with a picnic and meet other crafters visit here for more details.

A statue that caught my eye whilst walking through Hyde Park

Laura has organised more meet ups in some of London's fabulous museums over the next few weeks.  To find out what she has planned visit her blog here.

Also this week I met these lovely ladies ~ The #CraftBlogClub crew (I'm on the left squinting at the sun, Emma is in the Middle and Katie is on the Right)
I was very excited to finally meet my fellow #CraftBlogClub peeps, the founder Emma and co-host Katie. It was so lovely to meet the people behind the emails and tweets.  We met in Nottingham and spent most of the day at the Nottingham Contemporary which is a gallery with a fab café bar serving freshly prepared food in a relaxed environment, if you are in the area I recommend it.  We chatted about craft, business and I also found out that Emma shares the same love for the Tudors, (I love that show I might have to watch the box set again).  We also discussed all the exciting plans we have for #CraftBlogClub, so watch this space....

I hope to meet you lovely ladies again soon!
There were floral displays like this all over Nottingham, I particularly liked this tea

I plan to go to more of the Crafty Cuppas and I hope it's not too long before the #CraftBlogClub crew meet up again.  I am also going to the Crafty Catch Up Club arranged by Zoe from Ladybird Likes, this is happening in London on July 10th, interested??  Find out more here.  Hopefully I'll see you there.

fizzi~jayne x
Pssst....  #CraftBlogClub is every Tuesday from 7pm over on Twitter, come and join us for a chat.

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