Friday, 6 June 2014

Book Review ~ Turn Your Talent Into A Business by Emma Jones....

I was given this book -Turn Your Talent into a Business, as a gift a couple of years ago just after I decided to start fizzi~jayne makes.... and it gave me the confidence and advice I needed to go for it!  When I took on the venture full time I thought I should read it again and brush up on my knowledge.

I like this book as it covers all aspects of starting a business and takes you step by step through the process. It also takes into account that you may be starting a business whilst working in a full time job and working from home, so it is realistic.

In this book you will discover how to:
  • Make sales beyond your friends and family
  • Promote your brand
  • Register your company and manage your finances
  • Embrace technology to save you time and money
  • Create a support network and work with partners
  • Above all, it shows you how to make money from doing what you love!
It includes top tips with case studies along the way from people who have successfully made the leap. It is a good introduction to all aspects of starting a business.

It highlights the amount of resources available to small, start up businesses which you may not be aware of, I know I wasn't.  Various useful websites are cited throughout the book to check out.

I found it really useful and I am sure I will refer to it again for advice along my journey. 

This book is perfect for anyone who has a hobby, passion or skill whether it is baking, sewing, painting or a writer and wants to make money from it.  So if you are starting out or thinking about it I would recommend picking up this book.

About the author....

This is a book from a business perspective not a crafter. Emma Jones is a successful business owner, she started her first business at the age of 27 and sold it 2 years later.  She successfully runs Enterprise Nation which "help people turn their passions into great businesses".  I saw her talk at the Folksy School 2013 and I attended a free event she organised about Social Media last week (more about this in another post soon).  I admire her passion and she really knows what she is talking about.

My Inspiring book mark for my business books.  It helps me keep focused whenever I doubt myself and my ability.

I am now reading Handmade Marketplace which was one of my leaving pressies from my 9-5.  This book is by a crafter and it will be interesting to compare it to this book (there will be a book review but I'm not the fastest reader so be patient with me!).  You can see what is on my reading list on the right of my blog and any business/craft books will have its review here.
fizzi~jayne x

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  1. Thank you for this review! I'm still puzzling this out for myself, and will have to look for this book.

    1. I'm pleased you found it useful. I try to offer lots of hints and tips so I hope this blog will be useful too. Good look with your journey, If you need any help to be less puzzled just ask :-)


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