Wednesday, 30 April 2014

#craftblogclub - Spring Clean Gift Swap....

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If you read my blog regularly you will know I co-host a twitter chat #CraftBlogClub.  For those who are thinking "what is this #CraftBlogClub?" It's a friendly chat for craft bloggers, lovers of craft blogs and craft which takes place every Tuesday 7-8:30pm.

Each month we have a crafty challenge which I always look forward to.  This months challenge was to create and send a gift to a fellow #CraftBlogClub peep, only using supplies you have lying around at home. This is a great challenge for a Savvy Crafter like me!  and I love receiving post so to receive a gift lovingly made instead of a bill gives me huge excitement.

My swap-ee was the founder of #CraftBlogClub, the lovely and talented Emma from Frugally Peachy and look what loveliness I received in the post...

I was so pleased with this beautiful, knitted teapot cosy. It fits my small teapot perfectly! 

I love the flower on the front and the ribbon around the top is really useful to be able to top up the teapot without having to take the cosy off.  It is perfectly made and it will get a lot of use as I make myself a pot of tea on a daily basis to take to into my craft den.

I am looking forward to trying the herbal and fruit teas she also sent me, I have far too much caffeine!

When I received this I was so nervous about what I sent to Emma, will she like it as much as I like her gift??! I took a risk and made my gift from crochet which I am relatively new to. Thankfully she loved it and you can read what she thought of my gift on her blog here. Phew!

This is what I made....

Now I have a love for crochet, I have a collection of yarn. One of the reasons I started crochet was to be able to make flowers and I have a book of 20 crochet flowers patterns that I couldn't wait to get started on and this challenge gave me the excuse. 

I made a brooch from the retro daisy pattern which is in the centre of the card.  I also made a smaller daisy from the other pattern as an embellishment.

I had the perfect embossing folder and buttons to go with these daisies so I made a card to go with the brooch, plus I have a LOT of card lying around!  It was a card full of sunshine and everything was made from my stash.

 fizzi~jayne  x

P.S. Don't forget #CraftBlogClub is on every Tuesday 7-8.30pm, come and join in the chat.  To find out when I will be hosting, follow me on Twitter


  1. I'm so glad you like it Fiona! It's given me lots of ideas! I LOVED your gift thank you very much! xx

    1. I use it everyday! I like a cup of tea in my craft den but one cup is never enough so I always make a pot and it's been nice trying the teas you sent me. I am so pleased you loved my gift. Can't wait to get started on the next challenge xx


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