Monday, 24 October 2016

Made By Mrs M Art Deco Photo Walk, Part 2....

A few weeks ago I went on another photo walk organised by Kate of Made By Mrs M.  You can read about the first one here. This time it was the southern end of the Northern line following the Art Deco map.  The weather was a little wet but depsite the weather I had a great time meeting up with everyone. When the weather dried up we took the opportunity to walk between stations and I got to explore a part of London I've not been to before.

As I am doing the #100Daysof PatternCBC challenge I kept seeing patterns everywhere! Not all my photos are pattern related but I don't want to repeat all the photos that featured in this post. So I'm only sharing my favourite patterns of the day.

The Gang ~ Martha, Laura and Kate. Sophie joined us later.

What once was an Art Deco theatre is now a Majestic Wine. Found down the road from our meeting point, Clapham South Station.

This was one of my #100daysofPatternCBC from a florist next door to Clapham South Station.

Clapham South station ceiling.

Gorgeous uplighting at Clapham South and found at a number of stations along the way.

We're now in South Wimbledon Station.

I think this is my favourite photo of the day.

Not something you see on a regular basis, a tractor driving through London!

Street lamp outside of Tooting Broadway Station.

Stall at Tooting Market.

Street art outside of Tooting Market.

These are my favourite patterns from in and around Tooting Market.

An impressive Polish Catholic Church.

Gorgeous Art Deco apartments on route to Balham Station.

Final station, Balham.

A pattern I haven't used yet for #100DaysofPatternCBC!!

Tiles found under the rail bridge at Balham station. I shared a different photo of these tiles for #100DaysofPatternCBC

Pretty tiles found at the entrance of a patisserie, I nearly missed it as I was drooling over the cakes in the window. Of course this has featured as part of #100daysofpatterncbc.

By using the hashtag #madebymrsmphotowalk you can see everyone's photos of the day.

Check out Kate's post here where you can see a very unflattering photo of me as well as the opportunity to sign up to the Photowalk newsletter. Kate will be doing more in 2017. The next one will be in central London taking in a selection of both Brutalist and Art Deco buildings so if you are interested in joining us sign up to her newsletter.

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