Monday, 26 September 2016

Days 21 to 40 of #100DaysofPatternCBC challenge....

It's time for another round-up of the current #CraftBlogClub challenge. I can't believe we are nearly half way through already.  

These photos come from a trip to Norfolk, a week in Wales, one from the archives as well as from my craft den.

Days 21 to 24 ~ patterns in the sand / a uniform row of trees creating a pattern / old knitting patterns that were passed down to me from my Nan. I remember her knitting an outfit for my dolls from this pattern / bridge

Days 25 to 28 ~ a polka dot table cloth / a slate footpath / a close up of a tapestry / a top in a charity shop window display

Days 29 to 32 ~ a row of colourful beach huts / a cracked pattern in a glass window / a geometric pattern on a geometric shaped lamp shade / a slate wall
Days 33 to 36 ~ My watercolours / wooden beams / a pattern in a wooden gate / a throwback to when I went on #MadebyMrsMPhotoWalk

Days 37 to 40 ~ I was having a sort through my papers in the craft den and came across two pretty floral designs and a harlequin pattern. The Happy Birthday repeat pattern was a design I was working on for a customer order.
If you are enjoying these posts why not join in? It's not too late, all the details can be found in this post and don't worry if you miss days, it's supposed to be fun and inspiring!

Check out all of the amazing photos by everyone so far by using the hashtag #100DaysofPatternCBC on Instagram and Twitter, or use this link to go direct to the images on Instagram. There are some beautiful photos of inspiring images and patterns in unusual places.

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