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#CraftBlogClub Chat ~ Blogging hints and tips....

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I hosted tonight's #CraftBlogClub chat which was about blogging tips and offering advice to each other and this is what went on....

@hugsarefun started us off with this question "I’ve been struggling to get an about page up. I would love any tips or advice"

My tip ~ I would read other blogs "about" page to get ideas of what they include. I'd include why you write your blog.  Write about you but only include the personal stuff you feel comfortable with and include what inspires you.

@FlutterbyButton Be yourself, don't write in a style that is not essentially you. I tried to make mine a bit fun and quirky.
@mypapercrush  I agree - it's much easier (and fun for you!) to blog about what you love.

I agree, it's so much easier to be yourself!

@rosetintedcraft I learn a lot from following other blogs, such as how to lay out posts and extra features that you can use.

Tips on content....
My main top tip is to be passionate about what you write about, also include pictures to make it interesting

@IcySedgwick Write posts that add value to the reader's life - why should they read YOUR blog?
@craftsonsea  My main tip is to really make your images Pinterest friendly, it should be your main source of traffic

@CraftsellerMag Write with plenty of personality about things you're passionate about. Enthusiasm is key. ;-)
@DaintyandIvory Although I do love wordy blogs, sometimes I skip them because I never have the time to read it.

@EmmaRuthJones Blog about what you love and want to share with the world, rather than focus on what you think others will want.

@IcySedgwick Remember there are 1000s of others blogging; what makes your blog unique? YOU! So write in YOUR voice 


@rosetintedcraft Good photos are SO important! Has anyone bought a good camera for their blogging?
@EmmaRuthJones I have a SLR camera but tend to use my compact more because it focuses quickly and is easier to handle. As long as your photos are sharp, well lit and interesting, it doesn't matter what you use.

You will pleased to know that their is a chat planned on 29th July to share top tips on Photography.  I also have some posts coming up on this blog about taking great photos.

@FlutterbyButton When I started, I wrote in the style that I thought people wanted to see, big mistake... now I write as me with my own personality, so much easier and more enjoyable!
@IcySedgwick Write posts that respond to ones you read on other blogs!

Finding Inspiration.....
@CornerofCraft  I find it difficult to stay motivated to write my blog. How do people stay enthusiastic and inspired?
I always have a notebook with me for when inspirations strikes so I can look back on it.  If that doesn't work I take a break, visit somewhere, even if it's a coffee shop
@IcySedgwick I still say reading other blogs is a good source of inspiration
@rosetintedcraft Taking a break from it sometimes helps. Or set yourself a goal with your blog
@eyrea Mind trick: if I tell myself I don't have to, then I will
@hugsarefun maybe take a step back and readjust your schedule. Blog less and create more.
@IcySedgwick We could set each other blog topics!
This was a popular suggestion so maybe we should include it as a #CraftBlogClub challenge?

I did a couple of shameless plugs, but I thought that my posts on finding Inspiration and a Book review on Blogging for Creatives would be useful and of interest based on the discussions.
During the chat some shared their inspiring blogs of the moment....
@FlutterbyButton Discovered The Pleated Poppy today and love it!
@EmmaRuthJones I am always inspired by A Beautiful Mess and Design Sponge.
@rosetintedcraft  I have just discovered which has really nice photos. The author is only 14!

#CraftBlogClub is every Tuesday at 7pm.  Katie is hosting next week and I will be hosting on 29th July to share photography tips.

fizzi~jayne x

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