Wednesday, 4 December 2013

I do love cake....and Christmas.... and Birthdays.....and of course craft.....

It's been a busy week of birthday celebrations, not only was it my husband's birthday but it was also my Nan's 90th!  So there was cake!  MMmmm lots of cake....

So I wasn't in my Craft Den for 5 days and I started to get the shakes but it is good to take time out, resting the mind allows the creative juices to flow.  I came home with lots of ideas written in my notebook (I carry this everywhere as ideas come when you least expect them) I will have to wait until after the Christmas fairs before I start work on them but I can't wait to get started ~ 2014 will be fizzi~jayne's year!!!!

Christmas craft fairs are keeping me busy right now, and I have another one added to my diary.  Someone saw my stall at Berkhamsted and passed on my details to an organiser of another Christmas Craft Market who asked me if I wanted to be a part of it, how could I say no!?!  It was so lovely to think my stall made an impression, it certainly gave my confidence a boost and just shows whatever my sales the fizzi~jayne word is spreading!  So if you are in the Watford area on 21st December I will be at St Mary's Church, just off the High Street on Church Street in central Watford (WD18 OEG). 

Before that I will be at Berkhamsted Town Hall again this Saturday at the Artisans, Arts & Crafts Christmas market.  I love Christmas and once the family birthdays are over (November is a busy birthday month) I get very excited.  I have my Santa hat at the ready and I am looking forward to having my first mince pie of the year.  It will be my last appearance of 2013 at Berkhamsted so it would be great to see you if you can make it.  If you can't be there I will be posting pics on my blog next week but if you can't wait until then I will be posting on my Facebook page and on twitter during the day....


  1. Cakes look yummy!
    Your notebook sounds full of ideas, I can't wait to see what you create.
    Good Luck with the craft fairs and stalls!

    Found you via CCC on Facebook
    I am a new blogger follower.

    1. Thank you for popping by! I would like to say I made the cake but I just helped eat them :-) I will showcase what I make (and mistakes) on my blog so hopefully you will enjoy. Thanks


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