Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Berkhamsted Artisans, Arts & Crafts Market ~ Part Deux....

I had another stall at the Berkhamsted Artisans, Arts & Crafts Market last Sunday, this was the 2nd out of 3 I have booked in the run up to Christmas.  This one was definitely busier than the last one! 

My Stall

Check out the bunting! I made this from thick card and I'm so pleased with how it turned out
The general feel amongst the stall holders was there were more browsers than those intending to buy and I got the feeling that people were getting ideas for Christmas.  I had a flyer advertising I will be back on 7th December so hopefully those who were interested will be back otherwise the flyer included my details and a discount code to use in my Etsy shop.

The discount I offered was the same as before ~ an exclusive 10% off promo code ~ this is so I can track how many customers have bought from me online since seeing my stall, it is another way to track the success of the craft market.

My new range of Christmas decorations had their debut outing....

 The beaded snowflakes received a lot of attention

Felt Christmas Heart

I displayed the decorations on a 3ft Christmas tree with lights....

I do enjoy craft fairs, I get to meet other crafty people and meet potential customers.  I like talking and this time I was more confident in talking about myself and my products.  I had quality conversations and saw what customers liked which I believe is invaluable market research for the price of a stall. 

Sales = 3, 1 more than last time!
Business cards/ promo leaflet taken = loads and from the conversations I had, I am reassured that they were interested in my products and with the promo code I can track how true this is.

Obviously I would love more sales (a girl has got to earn a living!) but as part of my plan the first year is to use these fairs as a way of spreading the fizzi~jayne joy, raise awareness and to use them as a form of market research to inform the direction of my brand. 

I have been told that it helps to attend the same craft fair on a regular basis, as customers do like to come back again and they will get to know you.  I may need to test different pricing and products but mainly I need to have perseverance and patience.

My next craft fair is the Christmas Market with mince pies and entertainers, it should be a fun day, I have my Santa hat ready!

I love Christmas so I am very excited to be a part of this ~ only 35 sleeps until Christmas Day!

 Who else has had a craft fair recently? was it a success?
If you attend craft fairs as a customer what attracts you to a stall and what makes you want to purchase?  any advice is gratefully received!
I'd love to hear from you and your experiences....

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