Friday, 9 October 2015

fizzi~fun~friday #1 ~ Gelli Plate and lino printing....

Last week was my first fizzi~fun~friday and I had a lot of fun!  There was something indulgent about crafting just for the enjoyment instead of thinking about a deadline or a purpose. Although I love that I get to craft for a living it was fun to have a day just to play!

I went into the craft den without planning what I was going to do.  I wanted to see where my mood took me and it took me to my Gelli Plate....

I used my stencils and acrylic paint with my Gelli plate.  I wrote a post introducing the Gelli plate last year and you can see the technique I use here.

My recent heat embossing post inspired me to incorporate this technique using a butterfly stamp and clear embossing powder.  I stamped the butterflies and heat embossed them on to the card before using the Gelli plate, this meant the embossed images act as a resist and show through.

I was now getting giddy with excitement and couldn't stop myself from adding pearlescent texture paste over the top through a spotty stencil.  At first I realised I had got carried away but this image does show off the colour of the copper, metallic acrylic paint I used.

Although I think I like it now.

My next attempt worked better.

I embossed the flowers with clear embossing powder again and used different stencils.  This time I also spritzed the paint on the Gelli plate with water which gave it a watercolour effect.

Once I had done a few prints I started to look around the craft den for inspiration and the Lino starter kit from the Handmade Fair was looking at me, perfect!

As I was so keen to get cutting, I cheated a little and stamped the image of the butterfly instead of drawing it. The butterfly was part of a set I also bought from the Handmade Fair so it was a good excuse to also use my new stamps.  

I mainly used the stamp to help me with the outline and used the different nibs to cut my own design on the wings.

The background is a print from the Gelli Plate.

My next fizzi~fun~friday is on 16th October and you can see what I get up to on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook during the day and then a post will be on here a week later on 23rd October.  I don't know what I'm going to do from my list yet, decisions, decisions....

fizzi~jayne x

Friday, 2 October 2015


When I had a fun day out of the craft den with Laura I mentioned in my post how our chat inspired this new feature for my blog, fizzi~fun~friday!

What is it?

Laura and I were chatting about how we have so many crafty ideas we want to try out. I have lots of techniques I want to learn and I want to grow my creativity so I don't get stuck in a rut, this is for my personal enjoyment as well as hopefully inspiring the range I sell.

So the plan is every other week on a Friday, I will take the day to experiment with new techniques and crafts, as well as revisiting old favourites that I always complain I never have the time to do.

On the list for fizzi~fun~friday (so far!).....
  • Lino printing - inspired by the Handmade Fair, I can't wait to use my starter kit.
  • Calligraphy - I have a set from years ago and a book to get me started.
  • Machine embroidery - I did this a lot at art college and university but I haven't done anything for years.
  • Shrink plastic jewellery - Using shrink plastic is so much fun and I have wanted to use this technique in jewellery making for a while.  Hopefully I'll make some gifts for Christmas.
  • Mixed media art - I want to start an art journal and experiment with my art materials I already have.
  • Using polymer clay to make my own embellishments
  • I want an excuse to use up my stash of paper, card, fabric and yarn.
  • Jewellery making/wirework
  • Take part in more Sunday Stampers.
When does it start?

I guess my day out at the Handmade Fair was my first, but today you will find me in the craft den making a start on my list. Whilst writing this I still hadn't decided what to do first so I will see where the mood takes me but I will be posting photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and using the hashtag #fizzifunfriday.  

I'll publish blog posts for every fizzi~fun~friday the following Friday, so I hope you will enjoy my first post next week!
Found this perfect print on Etsy here by SunshineGraphix.

fizzi~jayne x

Thursday, 1 October 2015

The Handmade Fair....

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Handmade Fair, you may remember I went last year and loved it so much I booked my ticket as soon as they became available.

Last year it was in the grounds of Hampton Court Palace, however this year it was across the road instead. I was a little disappointed as I am a big Tudor history geek but I caught a glimpse of the Palace and anyway, it wasn't a history day out it was a fun crafty day out!

The Super Theatre with moody dark clouds. There were showers during the day but it didn't dampen my fun.
Kirstie Allsopp is the founder of the event and Kirstie and her team have kept the crafty festival feel that I loved last year.  There are different tents for shopping, workshops, a Super Theatre and lots of yummy food stalls which made it really hard to decide what to have for lunch!

The two shopping villages were full of inspiration by talented artists and creative small businesses. There were also stalls selling craft supplies too, however there did not seem to be as many of my favourite paper and general craft stalls but still enough for me to be tempted and spend money!

The obligatory shopping haul photos....

What I enjoy most about this event is the workshops, it's a great way to try out a new craft. When I bought my ticket I booked a Grand Make workshop, Super Theatre session and a Skills workshop. There is a lot of choice over a wide range of crafts. 

Grand Make workshop - Wirework with Lucy Elisabeth

First up was a wirework workshop and I made this hanging heart which can be used as a photo holder.  I might need a bit of practice but it was easier with Lucy's tips than any attempt I have made before at home.

Lucy also had a stand in one of the shopping villages and her work is amazing.

Super Theatre -  Calligraphy with Chiara Perano

The Super Theatre sessions are hosted by Kirstie and are a chance to hear from top experts on various topics.  This year I opted to find out more about calligraphy.

Chiara taught Kirstie the art of Calligraphy whilst sharing her tips.  Kirstie said she always attends these sessions as a complete novice so we really see her learn.  The Super Theatre sessions aren't interactive workshops so I may have not had a chance to practice myself but I came away with lots of tips to practice.

I have a calligraphy set which I used to make my handwriting neater for my wedding invitations and have not touched it since.  Calligraphy is a skill I want to develop and I recently bought a book to learn more so I was pleased there was an opportunity to get some tips from Chiara.

Skills workshop - Lino Printing with Zeena Shah

I was so looking forward to this.  I missed out on it last year due to timings and there being so much to choose from. 

Cutting the lino is very therapeutic.   I tried a star design first but I may have got carried away with the cutting as it didn't look like a star by the time I finished! 

I had more success with a simple heart and made a repeat pattern for this card.

I had a lot of fun with this, so I bought a starter kit! I love stamping and I can see the potential of creating my own designs to stamp with using lino.

I had time to fit in another workshop so I opted for a papercraft one with Craft Asylum.  It may not be a new skill but I was in the mood for some papercraft and making a bird house looked like fun.

I was surprised that I managed to get this home safely I still have the template and I think I could tweak it so I could use it to put sweets and treats in as gifts for stocking fillers at Christmas.

Whilst at the fair I was so pleased I got to meet one of my #CraftBlogClub buddies, Hannah from Crafternoon Cabaret.   Hannah had a busy weekend as she was running her Crafternoon Cabaret workshops in the VIP tent over the 3 day event so it was so lovely we had a chance to meet in person and catch up over a glass of Prosecco.

After the fair, I met up with hubby so he could treat me to dinner and whilst walking to Borough Market we found the "Performer" by Adam Frank, an installation under Southwark Railway Bridge.  It's on from 5pm until 11pm everyday and as you walk under it sets off a sensor which starts an applause. The more you move the louder the applause gets.  You can watch a video of it here but here is a photo of my acting the fool....

fizzi~jayne x

Monday, 28 September 2015

fizzi~jayne's crafty tips for stamping.... #4 heat embossing

Have you been stamping since I shared my tips on how to stamp? It's been a while so I hope you have had the chance to practice and try out the techniques before I show you this really cool technique of heat embossing!

As well as card and a stamp from the basic material list you will also need these additional materials....

  • Tsukineko Versamark Watermark Ink PadThis is a clear sticky ink which is perfect for embossing and can also be used to create watermark effects. This is my ink pad of choice but there are other brands available, like Ranger's Perfect Medium Clear Pad.
  • Embossing powder
  • Heat Embossing Gun. These give a targeted heat perfect for embossing.  Don't use a hair dryer, they are not hot enough and will just blow the powder off your card. Heat tools have a high intensity heat, so young children will need supervision and heat tools should not be used to dry your hair, ouch! 
  • Heat-resistant surface like the Ranger Non Stick Craft Sheetembossing guns can heat up to 600 degrees, so you’ll want to handle with care.
  • Anti Static Bag. This will help to eliminate static, smears, smudges, fingerprints and stray flecks of embossing powder that could appear on your work. A light dusting of talc can also do the same.
How to heat emboss....
  1. Wipe your card with the anti-static bag.
  2. Ink the stamp with your embossing ink pad using the same techniques I shared in the how to stamp post and stamp on your card.
  3. Immediately pour embossing powder on the image. Make sure you cover the entire image.
  4. Shake the excess powder onto a piece of scrap paper. I usually tap the edge of the card to make sure I've removed any stray powder. A small dry paintbrush or cotton swab is perfect for removing stray powder too.
  5. Gently roll the scrap paper into a funnel and pour the embossing powder back into the bottle.
  6. Place the card on your heat-resistant surface and/or hold it with tweezers so you don’t burn your fingers. I like to warm up my embossing gun for a few seconds before using it.
  7. Hold the embossing gun about 15cms (6 inches) away from the image. Hold the gun over the image, taking care not to direct it in one area for too long. As soon as you see the powder change move the heat tool, don't be tempted to over heat as it will flatten and the colour will become dull.  You can heat from underneath the card which will give you a smooth finish, whereas heating from above is more textured.  I prefer to heat from above as I feel I have more control and I am less likely to burn the card or over heat the powder.
    Using a silver metallic embossing powder, the hearts on the left have not been heated where as the ones on the right have been heat embossed. Hopefully this shows the difference between how the powder looks once it changes when heated.
  8. That’s it! It amazes me every time, it's like alchemy!
Embossed wine bottle using a copper metallic embossing powder.

Embossed champagne glasses

As with any other stamping, embossing can be used for a main image as well as backgrounds.  I have embossed both the Champagne glasses and hearts in the background for a recent order for a wedding card.

You can also emboss with pigment inks as they are slow to dry so you have enough time to add embossing powder.  If you do this you can choose any ink colour and use clear embossing powder.  This can be a good way to start as if you have any stray embossing powder you don't see it on your project because it is clear.

Not only does embossing add texture to your work, it is also helpful if you are not so good at keeping in the lines when colouring as it acts as a resist.

Until I am brave enough to do video tutorials I thought it would be useful to share a YouTube video that takes you step by step. You can see the magic that happens when you heat emboss.  There are loads of them out there but I liked this one as it takes you step by step through the basics.

I hope you try this technique and have fun with heat embossing.  I'd love to see your stamping projects. You can tag me on social media or leave a link in the comments below. Or please feel free to email me your photos at and let me know if I can share your work, don't worry if you don't want me to I would just love to see what you have done.

Happy Stamping!

fizzi~jayne x

Disclaimer: The Amazon links in this post are affiliated.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

#CraftBlogClub challenge launch, with a twist....

It's time for another #CraftBlogClub challenge launch! This time it's not a crafty one but a blogging one!

The #CBC hosts had a chat about what we could do for our next challenge and we discussed the idea of a blogging challenge for a change.  During a chat someone else (sorry I forgot who) brought it up as an idea and everyone loved it.  We discussed topics in the chat and voted for our favourites on Twitter and on our Facebook page.  

And the topic most voted for was..... Firsts! 

Your post can be about the first thing you made, first craft you tried, first blog post, first time you tried something new. We'll let your creative juices flow and let you interpret this topic to what it means to you.

The topics that weren't picked can be used for another challenge at a later date or as a #CraftBlogClub chat topic, so thank you for all your ideas.

So the rules....
  • Write a post based on the topic and link back to this blog. It would be great if you can also mention our lovely #CraftBlogClub chat
  • Deadline is 3rd November 2015
  • There will be a Linky on this blog for you to link your posts to so everyone can check them out.
  • As we have often chatted about how we don't make enough time to comment on blogs it would be great if you check out everyone's posts and comment on at least one of them.
  • Have fun with it!
We will be chatting about this new challenge tonight and sharing any blogging hints and tips with each other.  If you don't have a blog yet I hope you can join us to be inspired and feel free to ask for any help and tips to get started.

Happy Blogging!