Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Time for a spring clean....

Previously, #CraftBlogClub has run a Spring clean Swap challenge but we have decided to make this years #CraftBlogClub Spring Clean a little bit different. This year we will be hosting the #CraftBlogClub Spring Clean during our chat on Tuesday 4th April. 

During the chat we want you to post a pic of any unwanted/unused crafty materials that you want to get rid of. Make sure you use the two hashtags #CraftBlogClub and #SpringClean. Then if someone thinks they could make use of whats in the photo, they tweet you back.

Privately you then share contact details and post the item. You get to have a clear out and someone else can make something fabulous with your unwanted materials.

If you have signed up for a #CraftBlogClub Spring Clean challenge before we would have arranged for you to receive a surprise package in the post and given you the details of someone to send a crafty parcel to.  This year we thought we would give this a go, it might work, it might not, but either way it will be a bit of fun.

All we ask is that you don't charge for the items. We suggest that the person sending the items covers the postal cost unless it is overseas or for large items, in which case you can agree who will cover this between you. 

This isn't an opportunity to sell items but to encourage us to look at your unused stash, have a spring clean and encourage one another to reuse and recycle. What might have been gathering dust in your stock might be just what another crafter is looking for. It's all just a bit of Spring Cleaning fun!

This has come at a perfect time for me as I desperately need to have a clear out so I can be more organised and get new storage for the craft den.  

If you have never joined us for a chat or it's been a while, it doesn't matter, everyone is welcome.  We hope to see you for the #CraftBlogClub 2017 Spring Clean on Tuesday 4th April 2017 from 7pm GMT.


  1. This is perfect! Yesterday I was just thinking about who might be able to use my needlefelting supplies because I am not patient enough for this craft. I will have to join you in April!

    1. I'm glad you are excited about the challenge! (Sorry for a delay in my reply, Blogger hasn't enabled me to respond to comments on my laptop but it seems to work on the iPad instead. Technology!?!)

  2. I have so much I could do with sending away!


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