Sunday, 8 January 2017

2017 Goals....

It's that time of year to plan and think about what you want to achieve in the year ahead. I'm taking my experiences and lessons from 2016 to make 2017 a great year for me and my business, so this is what I have planned....

This blog
  • I'll go back to posting weekly with more tutorials in 2017.
  • Write everyday. This will help keep on top of all the posts I want to write but also improve my writing, practice makes perfect! I worry this may not be realistic but I'm planning to fit in 15 minutes every day whilst having my morning coffee.
  • Start my #100fizzijaynepatterns challenge inspired by #100dayofpatternsCBC. I will be designing and creating my own patterns.  It's not a 100 day challenge, I don't want to put myself under that sort of pressure but through the course of 2017 I will create 100 patterns using various techniques. I'm really excited about starting this and seeing how I develop creatively.
My business 
  • Start teaching craft workshops. I want to share my passion and knowledge to help others have a creative lifestyle. I'm in the early stages of planning and sourcing locations in my local area at the moment but hope to start these in Spring.
  • Regularly list products into my Folksy shop, at least 10 per month.
  • Launch new products and designs. 
  • Following the success of selling through No3 Royston I want to find another stockist in 2017.
To help me plan and to actually achieve these goals I am following the 100 Day Goal and using the Your Best Year 2017: Productivity Workbook and Creative Business Planner


I need to have a better work/life balance, so I will take time off when I need it, I just need to work on not feeling guilty and be able to switch fizzi~jayne off once in a while! 

I want to....
  • Read more. I have a pile of fiction as well as business development books I want to read.
  • I started to practice calligraphy last year and this year I want to try out brush lettering.
  • Sketch more. I want to make time to just doodle and improve my drawing skills.
  • Learn German. I did a year of German at school and was actually quite good at it but due to timetable clashes I chose to continue in French and Art. I always wanted to go back to it and I've been recommended the App Duolingo which I'm finding really easy to fit into my day. I feel a trip to Germany needs to be planned for this year!
  • If nothing else, I need to start believing in myself more and not put any limits on what I can achieve.
Overall I want a healthy, happy and creative 2017. 

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