Wednesday, 16 September 2015

fizzi~jayne makes.... is 3 today!

I can’t believe fizzi~jayne makes.... is 3 years old! Where has the time gone?

I am so grateful for all the support I get, every sale and every lovely comment still makes me want to jump up and give a hi-five, but, so I don't look like a crazy lady I just have a big smile on my face and go "whoop whoop" in my head instead.

I'm coming up to my second year of running my business full time too and what a great second year it has been. I looked back on the post I wrote for Emma's blog (The Vintage Good Life) last year about the benefits and challenges of being self employed as well as what I learnt in my first year of running a creative business. It is still relevant and I still have the same highs and lows as well as the Bon Jovi t-shirt! If you missed it the first time you can read it here. 

This year I have been more focussed by having specific goals and plans to make them happen, which meant I feel I have achieved more and finally launched my own website.

Also this year ....

An exciting opportunity came about only a few weeks ago to have my products stocked in a new shop in Royston - No.3 Royston and I've already had to restock after the first week! 

Find No3 Royston at 3 Melbourn Street, Royston SG8 7BP

My Coasters in the shop.  A selection of my handmade cards and wall hangings are also available at No3.
I'm a regular at Royston and Little Fox craft fairs which is great as I get to meet my customers from the area and I've made friends with other stall holders who are also a great support network.  Plus, I've had returning customers for bespoke orders and my order book is constantly full up!

So I have been a busy bee and I have more exciting things to come. I still feel that fizzi~jayne makes.... is work in progress as I'm learning everyday and there is still stuff on my to do list from 3 years ago, but isn't that life? I'm hopefully taking the right steps, albeit baby ones, in the right direction to running a successful business.

Remember one of my 2015 goals was to relaunch my online shops and grow that side of my business? This started with my website and as part of this I relaunched my Folksy shop back in May. With the success at launch, craft fairs and my first stockist I now need to focus on production. This is now my focus for the next couple of weeks and I hope to have new products available soon.

One of my own development areas needed is to be more efficient with my time.  I still follow these time management principles but I still find myself saying "there is never enough hours in the day" too often and I still have the same as what Albert Einstein had, right?! 

With resources from Business Bakery I am starting to use a time sheet to see where I waste time or don't focus on the right things. Do you follow Business Bakery? I recommend them as a useful resource and inspiration for small businesses.

So what have I got planned for the future....

I'm currently making products for my Folksy shop, the craft fairs I have booked as well as No.3 Royston. I am also working on my Christmas range, it's only 100 more sleeps!! 

I have a list of ideas I want to develop, some of which I hope to be available this year (although that maybe too optimistic) but some I know I'll have to put on hold until 2016.

I'm also looking into starting workshops, watch this space....

Thank you for all your support, each year gets better and I'm so grateful that I'm kept busy and get to do what I love everyday (well almost, the admin is more of a chore but hey I can't complain!).  

I hope the next year will be just as busy and exciting.

fizzi~jayne x


  1. Well done! It sounds like you've had an amazing time, and really started to make a go of it!

    1. Thanks. I'm making baby steps but I seem to be going in the right direction. Fingers crossed it continues!


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