Monday, 8 September 2014

5 Year Anniversary....

On Friday we celebrated our wedding anniversary. 5 years ago I married this great guy....


How the time has flown by! Every year we give each other gifts based on the anniversary year, 5 years is wood. Obviously I had to make something so I thought I would share what I created.

Using scrabble tiles (made of wood) I made these cuff links with hubby's initials....

I had this small wooden box which was waiting to be used for something and to be decorated.

The box fitted the cufflinks perfectly!

I painted it and used my distress inks to give it some dimension and just because I love using distress inks. I gently sanded it to show more of the wood grain before varnishing it.

The "with love" is a stamp that is in a railway sign style and as he is a train fan, I made this card....

Thankfully he loved it, phew!

I got a hammer, yep you read right, but it is what I wanted! I want to do more wire work and I needed a hammer with a nylon head, it had to have a wooden handle of course!

fizzi~jayne x


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