Tuesday, 22 April 2014

fizzi~jayne went on tour ~ New Milton Spring Craft Fair....

Hope you had a great Easter weekend.  I spent it with family and I am now trying to control the amount of chocolate I eat in one day! Or shall I just eat it all in one go and then it's not tormenting me??!

My Stall at New Milton Spring Craft Fair

As I try to ignore the chocolate stash I want to tell you all about my first craft fair of 2014.  I took a trip to New Milton, Hampshire. I'd visited this craft fair last year and was impressed with the organisation and the footfall it attracted.  I also want to attend craft fairs outside of my local area in order to promote my business to a wider audience.  My parents live in the area so I don't have to pay for accommodation so it seemed a good fair to try out.

I feel it was a success in many ways:
  • I made more sales compared to the previous fairs I have attended.
  • I had quality conversations with customers who genuinely were interested in the other places I sold.  So hopefully they will be visiting my Folksy or Etsy stores in the future. I have an exclusive discount code so I can track shoppers that saw my stall at the fair.
  • I collected email addresses for my newsletter.
  • I tested new products which had great feedback.
New products included coasters with funny quotes which were popular and crochet egg cosies especially for Easter

Unfortunately I didn't quite cover the cost of the stall (I was very close!). Even though it was my most successful for sales compared to other fairs I have done so far, the charge for the stall was more expensive as it is a larger event.
So I may not have made a profit but I will be returning to this event in October because:
  • It gets my brand name out there and spreads the fizzi~jayne joy to a wider audience.
  • It was a well organised and advertised event which meant it had good footfall.
  • In October I hope to reach the Christmas shoppers and a greater opportunity to sell more.
  • I get free B&B at my parents!
  • If there weather is good enough I get to go the beach....

Love these new Beach Huts
I do love to be beside the seaside

I have just under 4 weeks until my next craft fair in Harpenden, this is one I was recommended by a fellow stall holder from Berkhamsted.

Before that though I will be adding lots of new products to my Etsy and Folksy shop, watch this space!!....

fizzi~jayne  x 


  1. I'm glad it went well for you! I think that getting your name out there is one of the main advantages of fairs even if you don't sell as much as you would like.

    1. Thanks Sally. I think it is important to get out there. It is also a good way to network and meet other crafters.


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